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In-house training courses and workshops - Excellence in Learning

These are some of our most frequently requested training courses. These can be run as in-house courses for your organisation – we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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These and other workshops may be run as open events. See the Open Events page for our upcoming events programme

Open Events - We organise regular workshops
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Challenging Behaviour
» Combating Bullying & Harassment
» Managing Challenging Behaviour
» Managing Challenging Behaviour during visits by schools and groups
» Managing Challenging Behaviour in The Library
Company Secretary
» Company Secretary The Role and Responsibilities
Director Training
» Board Director Essentials for 2019 1 Day
» Board Director Excellence 1 Day
» Company Board Director Roles and Responsibilities 2 Days
link The Role of the Company Secretary 
Equality and Diversity
» E&D in Education: Narrowing Gaps in Student Achievement - Core & Classroom Techniques
» Equality & Diversity: Understanding Latest Legislation 2013/4
European and UK Funding
» Bid and Tender Writing
» Improving Public Sector Procurement - The Latest Approaches, Processes & Templates
» Management Systems & Record Keeping for ESF Projects
» Monitoring & Auditing ESF Projects
Financial Management Training
» Finance for Non-Finance Managers 1 Day
» Finance for Non-Finance Managers 2 Days
» Finance for Non-Finance Managers 2019 Essential Updates 1 Day
» Finance for Non-Finance Managers in Universities, Colleges, Charities and Schools, 1 Day Course
» Finance for Non-Financial Directors (Dubai 2 Day Course)
Functional Skills
» Functional Skills - Delivery Made Easier
» Literacy and English: Teaching/Training Made Easier
» Numeracy and Mathematics: Teaching/Training Made Easier
» Aligning Observation of Teaching Practice to Ofsted Expectations
» Ofsted Inspection Nominee Training
» Outcomes and Success Rate Measures for FE & Skills
» Preparing for an Ofsted Inspection for Managers
» Quality Improvement Planning - Maximising Effectiveness
» Robust Self Assessment - CIF
» Succeeding at Ofsted Inspection under the Common Inspection Framework
Key Stage 4 Provision - Improving Quality
link Effective Vocational Education at KS4 
» Ensuring High Quality Independent Careers Guidance
Learner Achievement
» Developing and Monitoring the Quality of Learner Progress Reviews for Mgrs
» Learner Reviews for Practitioners
Management Training
» An Introduction to Project Management
» Effective Project Management
» Introduction to First Line Management
» Leadership, Strategic Thinking and Management Development
» Performance Management Balanced Scorecard
» Strategic Management
New Programmes
» 24 Plus Learning Loans - Planning and Implementing
» Deregulation & the 2013 FE Teacher Trainer Qualifications
» Preparing for Ages 14-16 in FE
» Study Programmes
» Supported Internships
link Traineeships 
Observation of Teaching, Training & Learning
» Characteristics of Outstanding Teaching
» Effective Peer ( Non Graded) Observation Practice
» Graded OTLA: Delivering Observation Feedback Effectively
» Graded OTLA: Extending Observation to Learner Reviews & other processes
» Graded OTLA: Improving Effectiveness of Moderation and Development Action
» Introduction to Effective Observation of Teaching Learning & Assessment
Quality Improvement
» Developing Subcontractor Performance - Improving Quality and Success Rates
» Getting Quality Assurance Right (FE & Skills)
» Optimising the Use of Good Practice
» Quality Auditing the Learning Journey
» The Journey to Grade 1 - Outstanding
» Safeguarding: Embedding Practical Support for Vulnerable People
» Safeguarding: Meeting Latest Legal & Compliance Requirements
Sales and Marketing Skills
» Double Your Sales; Bruce King Master Class, Successfully Launch your New Sales Year
» Essential Sales Skills (2 Day Course): Professional Sales Techniques
Special Needs Students
» Attention Deficit Disorders
» Autism Spectrum Disorders
» Dyslexia - Understanding & Improving Support
Teaching - Improving Quality
» Improving Deployment of Learning/Teaching Support Assistants
» Achieving Outstanding Teaching, Training & Learning
» Meeting the Learning Assessment Requirements of the CIF
» Mentoring New & Trainee Teachers & Trainers
Teaching Techniques
» Delivering Grade 1 Lessons and Training Sessions
» Differentiation - Developing Activities that Work
» Feedback for Learning
» Making Discussion and Group Work More Effective
» Making Learner Induction Fun and Effective (FE & Skills)
Tendering and Bidding
» Developing Bid and Tender Writing Skills - Intermediate Level
» Tendering and Bidding Advanced MasterClass - Funding your Future
» Writing WINNING Tenders