Functional Skills - Delivery Made Easier

There are no open events scheduled for this topic. It may be run as an open event again in the future. Alternatively, we can run it as a bespoke internal event for your organisation.


Delivering Functional Skills qualifications is not easy; this one day workshop is designed to help participants make delivery easier and more effective. It enables delegates from all levels of involvement and responsibility to explore how Functional Skills can be delivered in an easier way. In a day packed full of activities and discussion, participants will experience real creativity as lots of ideas are on offer.

This workshop focuses on exploring and cascading techniques and approaches that actually work; whilst simultaneously stimulating thoughts and ideas for developing delivery.

This workshop is NOT about trawling through the specifications nor is it about discussing Awarding Organisation requirements for assessment it is about identifying exciting ways to deliver Functional Skills, providing many opportunities for QUICK WINS and longer term strategies.

For Whom

This workshop is designed for all those leading on or delivering Functional Skills. It will be of interest to representatives from all organisations delivering learning. This includes:

Education Providers

  • General and Specialist FE
  • Private Training Providers
  • Schools
  • Local Authorities
  • Adult Safeguarded Learning
  • HE
  • Brokers
  • Industry

Qualification Types

  • Pre- and post-16 provision
  • Apprenticeships
  • Diplomas
  • GCSE and A levels
  • Vocational Pathways
  • Foundation Learning
  • Community Learning
  • Offender Learning

Delegate Feedback

'I think it was excellent. Lots of hands on approach, learner led and gave lots of challenging questions.'
Vocational Team Leader, Hoople

'Very practical, came away with an action plan. Excellent delivery - thank you!'
College Manager, Norther College

'Good as it is both thought provoking and reflectve of current practice.'
FS Co-Ordinator, Middlesborough College

'It is a session in which you can experience a range of pedagogical approaches to delivering Functional Skills.'
Dyslexia Support Coordinator, NCC-ALS

'You will learn without realising - strongly recommend.'
Functional Skills Manager, League Football Education

Aims and Objectives

This workshop enables participants to


Participants will experience a range of approaches for developing their understanding whilst exploring and exchanging ideas and approaches to use with their own learners, whether in direct contact or not. The workshop will provide opportunities to identify strategies to take away, whilst examples of emerging Functional Skill practices will be provided for discussion. Participants will be encouraged to challenge current practice within their organisations and in doing so appreciate how they might need to further develop themselves or others in their team.

The day is split into 4 related sessions, with session 2 comprising the largest proportion of the day

1. Background and Context Setting
A short session to ensure latest requirements are known and understood

2. Effective Delivery of Functional Skills
This session covers a significant part of the day

3. Additional forms of support outside the workshop

4. Strategies for improving the functionality of Functional Skills by:

Maximising Benefits from Attendance
Delegates are asked to bring along examples from their organisations, to help contextualise the learning. This could, for example (but not exclusively), be delivery or planning materials relating to existing Functional Skills, Key Skills, Basic Skills or Skills for Life programmes, such as

The Facilitator

Our facilitator for this workshop has been involved with Functional Skills since their inception. Studied and qualified in each of the 6 Key Skill Qualifications at levels 3 to 5, she has worked on National Strategies for the Implementation Functional Skills and inspects Functional Skills Delivery for Ofsted. She has been fully involved with the 14-19 agenda, working with schools, colleges and training providers on delivery of Key Skills, Foundation Learning Programmes and Functional Skills delivery. She was also part of a small team of 3 writing books and multi-media/blended learning resources, for a well known multi-national educational group, to help support the effective teaching and learning of Functional Skills.

Delivery Style

The workshop provides many opportunities for open debate and challenge.  It provides a range of activities to help participants understand alternative approaches to Functional Skills delivery. The activities are planned to support the development of topics to take away and develop as a result of the day.

Internal Staff Training and Development

This training workshop, along with most of our other best practice training workshops, can be delivered as an internal training course at your premises. Even with groups as small as 6-8 delegates, the course fees per person for internal training workshops can be lower than for open events. The potential savings are even greater, if the travel time and the travel costs of the delegates are included.

Running training workshops internally is very convenient and it allows the participants to explore how key issues will impact on them and their organization. Then as a team they can begin to agree upon a development action plan, with priorities. This approach is favoured by many of our clients as it combines a high quality service with excellent value for money and is a highly effective route for staff development.

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Certificates of Professional Development.

This course is recognised for CPD purposes by most professional institutes and associations including the Law Society, the CIM, the CMI, the ICAEW, the Institute of Learning and the CIPD. Formal Certificates of Professional Development will be issued by email to participants who successfully complete this course. These certificates will enable participants to evidence the update of their CPD records. The workshop will consider how to best apply the knowledge gained by the delegates upon their return to the workplace. This element of the programme is designed to maximise the benefits of attending and enable participants to make valued judgments when recording CPD activities