Quality Improvement Planning - Maximising Effectiveness

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Maximising Effectiveness within the FE & Skills Sector

The 2012 Common Inspection Framework places increased emphasis on providers to make “demonstrable improvements” as a result of self-assessment, to show explicitly a culture of continuous improvement.  Unfortunately, too many providers struggle to maximise the benefits on offer and frequently regard self-assessment and quality improvement planning as unnecessary burdens imposed on them by contracting and regulatory bodies.

In reality, high Quality Improvement Planning can be an extremely effective process for improving overall performance; especially when the procedure is recognised as a development process, with the written plan forming only the first stage.

This one-day workshop looks at the whole process. It considers what needs to be done once the plan is written, then uses this information to highlight how the plan should be implemented if it is to be effective.  In so doing, the workshop also examines the barriers that frequently hinder and obstruct successful quality improvement and provides practical and manageable solutions.

For whom

This workshop will be of interest to all managers and department heads from organisations working in the FE & Skills Sector.  It will be of particular interest to those keen to deliver and evidence more highly effective continuous improvement.

Attendance at this workshop should be considered as mandatory for all managers working in organisations which achieved grade 3 or 4 during their last inspection or where their self-assessment and/or quality improvement processes have been criticised or judged inadequate by Ofsted. In addition, there are providers where quality improvement planning is not deemed as effective, slick or meaningful by all, as desired.

Aims and Objectives

This one-day workshop aims to help participants develop an effective Quality Improvement Plan which will meet the Ofsted requirement for “demonstrable improvement” and lead to delivery of high quality training to learners.


The workshop is split into 5 sessions:

1 Understanding the QIP Process
This session explores the overall quality improvement process; what it aims to achieve and how, if the developmental benefits on offer are to be maximised, the overarching improvement plan can be broken down further and linked to performance management techniques.

2. Writing QIP Objectives
Session two explores objective-setting in more detail and considers what SMART result and milestones look like within an effective quality improvement plan.

3. Performance Management
This session considers how the objectives and milestones are cascaded and monitored in order to deliver the planned improvement

4. Updating and reviewing the plan
When used correctly the quality improvement plan should become a ‘living document’ - this session considers what this means in practice; how and when the plan should be reviewed updated and extended.

5 Relating theory to practice
The final session explores what participants need to do now to ensure the points covered are applied to their own teams and improvement processes

Delivery Style

This workshop is designed as a highly participative and interactive learning experience. Attendees are encouraged to bring copies of their own improvement plans and to consider actively how the plans can be strengthened and how responsibilities will be cascaded to their teams

Internal Staff Training and Development

This training workshop, along with most of our other best practice training workshops, can be delivered as an internal training course at your premises. Even with groups as small as 6-8 delegates, the course fees per person for internal training workshops can be lower than for open events. The potential savings are even greater, if the travel time and the travel costs of the delegates are included.

Running training workshops internally is very convenient and it allows the participants to explore how key issues will impact on them and their organization. Then as a team they can begin to agree upon a development action plan, with priorities. This approach is favoured by many of our clients as it combines a high quality service with excellent value for money and is a highly effective route for staff development.

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Certificates of Professional Development.

This course is recognised for CPD purposes by most professional institutes and associations including the Law Society, the CIM, the CMI, the ICAEW, the Institute of Learning and the CIPD. Formal Certificates of Professional Development will be issued by email to participants who successfully complete this course. These certificates will enable participants to evidence the update of their CPD records. The workshop will consider how to best apply the knowledge gained by the delegates upon their return to the workplace. This element of the programme is designed to maximise the benefits of attending and enable participants to make valued judgments when recording CPD activities