Open Events — Terms & Conditions, Refunds and Cancellation Policy

Refunds Policy

All refunds are at the discretion of the management, however if you make a mistake and process multiple credit card payments, please contact us and we will refund your credit card account in full.

Cancellation and Transfer Policy - Overview

Our standard booking terms allow delegates to cancel an existing booking in order to transfer their booking onto a new course date, for the same course, up to six weeks before the date of the original event; subject to a £90 plus VAT administration fee per delegate.

When there is less than 6 weeks to the event and cancellation period extension has not been purchased, cancellation by, or on behalf of, delegates is charged at the full price and transfer to an alternative event, date or location is not permitted. This applies to any reason and includes those outside of the delegate's direct control such as adverse weather, transport strikes, Ofsted inspections, national emergencies and illness.

We therefore recommend that all delegates purchase Cancellation Period Extension (CPE), at the time of booking, which costs an additional £90 plus VAT per delegate.

CPE extends the delegate cancellation/transfer period to any time up to the day before the start of the workshop, and includes non-attendance for any reason providing you notify us at least the day before the event begins and have written evidence our receipt of your non-attendance notification. This might be for example our acknowledgement email.

General Terms and Conditions – Applies to all bookings

Delegate Cancellations and Transfers - less than 6 weeks to the Event

WITHOUT Cancellation Period Extension
Should a delegate be unable to attend for any reason beyond our control then the invoice still remains payable in full and delegates are NOT permitted to transfer to alternative events, dates or locations. 

This applies to each and every situation and circumstance that is beyond our direct control and includes issues that may also be outside the control of the delegate/s due to attend. This could include, for example, but is not limited to:

WITH Cancellation Period Extension, which costs an additional £90 + VAT per delegate
Purchase of the Cancellation Period Extension (CPE) option allows delegates to transfer their booking onto a new course date, for the same course, on another date or at an alternative location, at any time up to the day before the event begins and can evidence our receipt of your non-attendance notification prior to the event.

      CPE Terms

Cancellations with Multiple Delegate Discounts

Where multiple delegates from the same organisation book on the same event. It is possible that discounts may have been applied to the second and/or subsequent delegate bookings.   Where this occurs, cancellation and transfer by one or more delegates for any reason, including the use of CPE, may reduce the discount entitlement that the remaining delegates are entitled to.  Any credit note or refund due to the delegate who is transferring, will be adjusted to balance any discounts which would no longer be valid.

For example: on a group booking of 3 delegates where the first delegate is charged £600, the second £500 and the third £400.  A valid and accepted cancellation/transfer by the second delegate would result in a refund of £400 less any cancellation/transfer charge.  In terms of cost, the third delegate has in effect assumed and been charged the rate of the second delegate. Hence it is effectively the third delegate’s charge that has been cancelled/transferred.