In-House Training Courses and Workshops

Most of our existing best practice training courses and workshops can be delivered on your premises or at a venue close to you as an internal one company course. In most cases, the course fees per person, for higher numbers of delegates, are significantly lower than the per delegate costs of our standard open events. Once savings on travel costs and time are taken into account, the total cost savings will be even greater.

By running courses and workshops internally, the course content can be tailored to meet your precise training needs. Staff can be encouraged to share ideas and to agree the development plans and implementation plans. Because they then feel a sense of ownership, they consequently have a better chance of getting the most from the training course and delivering the best results for your organisation.

This approach is favoured by many of our clients as it provides a high quality value-for-money staff development route. 

Why You Should Buy From Us

Our training courses are evaluated as "Excellent" by the delegates, this is based upon the average of all of the assessments across all of our delegate feedback forms.

This means that our training courses are the best value for money, which is not the same as the lowest price. If you are making an investment in the quality and capability of your management team and the price of one of our internal training courses is say £1,000 more (highly unlikely) than an alternative service. Once spread across a year, that difference is only £20 per week, which is £4 per working day. Assuming 10 delegates, your extra investment would be 40p per person per working day. It would always be worth investing an extra 40p per day in each of your managers to equip them with the best possible skills and capabilities. This approach would produce the highest return on your training investment.

Indicative Costs and Logistics


Our internal training course pricing is very simple and easy to understand.  We quote a fixed price, plus expenses and VAT.  We do not normally charge for travel time or preparation time, unless the return travel time is in excess of 4 hours per course day. In all cases the prices quoted are for up to 18 delegates.

For the 2 day Company Board Director Roles and Responsibilities internal training course our daily fee is £2,995, plus out of pocket expenses (travel and subsistence) and VAT.

For the 1 day Finance for Non-Finance Managers internal training course and for the 2 day Finance for Non-Finance Managers internal training course, our fees are respectively £2,490 and £4,980, plus out of pocket expenses (travel and subsistence) and VAT.

For all of our 1 day training courses on specialist subjects within the Further Education sector, such as the Ofsted related training courses, our daily fee for up to 18 delegates is £1,995, plus out of pocket expenses (travel and subsistence) and VAT.

For all other Business and Management 1 day training courses, our fee is £2,190, plus out of pocket expenses (travel and subsistence) and VAT.

The fees are quoted on the basis that you will provide the venue and the refreshments, plus the basic equipment, such as the data projector, with a link to our laptop, and a flip chart or white board.

Discounts are available for consecutive dates, multiple events and longer term programmes.


Details of current pre-designed training workshops can be found through the link below. We can also design and develop material to meet any specific needs, aims or objectives you may have — please contact us with details of your requirements for a cost quotation.
Available Topics

Content Adjustment and Bespoke Courses

We can, in most cases, design bespoke training workshops and internal training courses or adapt the existing training workshops to meet your more precise needs.  For a quote please contact us with details of your specific requirements.


What is included?

The quoted prices are for our pre-developed one or two day training workshops, delivered at your premises or at a venue of your choice. Costs include reasonable trainer travel time, but exclude out of pocket expenses for travel, subsistence and accommodation. Costs also include delegate handout packs (copies of the slides and any exercises), registers, feedback forms and the issue of electronic CPD certificates directly to the delegates.

Delegate Numbers

The maximum recommended number of delegates for our training workshops is 18 and in all cases the prices quoted are for up to 18 delegates.  Higher numbers may be possible, subject to mutual agreement and an additional fee of £100, plus VAT, for each extra delegate.

Most of our training workshops are interactive participative learning experiences and work best with lower numbers, ideally 10-15. It is possible to work with slightly larger group sizes, but this is dependent on the subject matter and the extent to which we can replace participative learning with lecture style presentation.

Venue and Room Layout

The fees are quoted on the basis that you will provide the training venue and the refreshments, plus on site printing of any bulky reference materials, as well as the basic equipment, such as the data projector, with a link to our laptop, and a flip chart or white board. The preferred room layout is cabaret with 3-5 delegates per table. All delegates will need a clear view of the screen and a suitable desk or table on which to rest their materials. Classroom/lecture styles set ups generally do not work as well with most of our workshops.

Suggested Standard Timings

Presenter Arrival:
Presenter Set Up:
Delegate Arrival/Refreshments:
Workshop Starts:
Tea Coffee Break:
Tea Coffee Break:
Workshop Closes:

09.05 09.10

We can adjust these times to meet your needs if required.

Delegate Details, Feedback and CPD Certificates

We ask that the client supplies the details of delegate names and positions in advance. We would use this information to tailor the level of the delivery to the audience and to produce a register.  The register is later used to produce the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificates. Where Excellence in Learning delegate workshop evaluation forms are completed and returned to us, usually via the presenter on the day, we will provide copies of the evaluation forms to you.  The CPD certificates will be emailed directly to the delegates after the event.

Supply of Course Materials

We usually ship the materials directly to a named contact at the delivery venue the day before the training workshop and then check upon their arrival. Materials are usually a small box of delegate packs, which we ask to be opened and the contents placed at each delegate seat, with any spare copies being passed to the presenter. This is organised by our print and dispatch team, but it would be helpful if you could let us know with whom they should liaise, regarding confirmation of final numbers, shipping of materials and the applicable contact address/phone number.

Invoicing and Cancellations

Excellence in Learning reserve the right to cancel any delivery agreement in the event of a client having unpaid and overdue invoices outstanding; however the invoices issued would still remain payable in full.  In the event of any invoices becoming overdue, Excellence in Learning has the right to recover any costs incurred in collecting any overdue invoices, including any and all legal costs incurred.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

The materials used are the intellectual property of Excellence in Learning, which also owns the copyright. All materials supplied will remain the property of Excellence in Learning.  Nothing about this internal training course involves any transfer of intellectual or other property rights vesting in Excellence in Learning.  Excellence in Learning is a brand name of Quantum Limited. Throughout this document any reference to Excellence in Learning shall be deemed to include Quantum Limited.

Tutor Services

The Tutors for these training workshops are all under contract to Excellence in Learning.   All enquiries for any additional training or consultancy services should be made via our offices to ensure that the copyright, intellectual property or other contractual restrictions are not breached.  The client agrees to pay an introduction fee equal to 50% of the value of any services arranged directly, or indirectly, with the tutor, unless such services are organised and arranged through Excellence in Learning.