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Excellence in Learning

Saint Mary's Court
The Broadway

Bucks HP7 0UT

telephone 01494 590446

We internal and open scheduled training courses and workshops for board directors, senior managers, consultants and managers. We help delegates and their organisations achieve success in all aspects of their business and careers.


Our focus is on delivering excellence to all who attend our training courses and workshops. Our vision and mission is built around an ethos of providing excellence in everything we do and to achieve success for our clients.



Oxford & Cambridge University Internship Programmes - Free Service to Match Organisations with Potential Interns - Sponsored by Excellence in Learning

Excellence in Learning, Corporate Mission and Values

Our strategic objective is to incorporate excellence into everything that we do.  We deliver an outstanding service to our clients, whose satisfaction and recommendations are at the heart of our corporate mission and values.

Excellence in Learning is a trading brand of Quantum Limited and has been part of our operation since February 2014. The business has flourished since it was acquired and has benefited from improved access to a greater breadth of services and resources. The company registration details are: